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|21 September 2013
Ghaqda Banda Zejtun Youth Section A.D. 1996

In a Young musical combination like Ghaqda Banda Zejtun and Youths where mentality was and is still fresh and new ideas come up, day by day it was always felt a strong need that youths have a central role in the society, such as in activities and a hundred other things that are needed as it takes to get the band moving forward.

Ghaqda Banda Zejtun consisted always of Youth Commissions which contained numerous members willing to give their input for the wealth of the band and the society in general. Among the first there was the Kummisjoni Zghazagh Pandorjani, this commission of youths along with Mr. Anthony Brincat and Mr. Emmanuel Agius took care of
Pandora Theatre activities. Among the activities that were  organised by these youths there was the first Maltese National Singing Festival for children and youths held at Zejtun entitled Ilhna Novelli, Christmas Carols evening, Carnival ball dancing, Live Play drama during the Good Friday week entitled The Promised Kingdom, The Easter Evening, Mother's Day party, and the Beauty Contest Miss Pandora.

Ilhna Novelli National Festival introduced Maltese talent
and many singers of today's perspective, have risen from this festival.

As time passed success continued to grow for Pandora Theatere and youth support increased. Kummisjoni Zghazagh Pandorjani continued to organise many activities inside Pandora, as it had from time to time to do some maintenance as well upon the stage, props, and other structural maintenance too. After the great impact that had
Ghaqda Banda Zejtun in transferring the Local Feast of Zejtun from November to June in 1990, Youths have expressed their wish that Kummisjoni Zghzagh Pandorjani stop functionig and instead some form of youth section is formed to promote better the feast that now as time passed upon the feast being celebrated in June, the feast was getting bigger and bigger.
Discussions together with the Central committee began on deciding to form a Youth Section, This section had to be compromised of a Chairperson, Secretary, Cashier, Pro and other 6 members which will work together to enhance the feast in the beautiful days of June. This was in 1994. This decision was not easy. Although youths played an important role since the foundation of Ghaqda Banda Zejtun, until that time never had existed a particular section entirely formed and conducted by youths only. Some people were skeptical of this proposed idea, discussions took long, these young people with their hearts full of faith and energy began to work together to raise the name of their bandclub in the feast of St. Catherine V.M their Patron, Idol and Protector.
After two years of rising ups and downs the last merger was decided, the proposal was accepted and Ghaqda Banda Zejtun Sezzjoni Zghazagh was formed, this happened on the 18-06-1996.
The first youth section in 1996 comprised of: - Joseph Gatt, Albino Mangion, Mark Agius, Silvio Agius, Elton Zarb, Shirley Ann Agius, Raphael Buttigieg, Raymond Agius, Edward Busuttil, Charles Falzon,
Chaterine Abela, Simone Zammit and Marynin Gauci.

The first Chairperson was Joseph Gatt.
The first Secretary was Raphael Buttigieg.
Ghaqda Banda Zejtun has always shown that progressivity and new ideas are essential in promoting and achieving success during big events that Ghaqda Banda Zejtun took part in such as the Maltese Carnival and the Zejtun Feast.

Over time was quite noted that the youth section is a key pillar in the management of the society. Many people have done their part in the youth section during the time, many have contributed as chairpersons, secretaries, cashiers and others contributed as members all along issued new and different ideas.

Several branches in this section were formed such as the Redfaith Promotions.

Ghaqda Banda Zejtun is very fond of the Easter feast, partners of this merger procurate the beautiful statue of the Risen Christ made by artist
Alfred Camilleri Cauchi in 1984. The Youth Section helps Nenu Delia and Emmanuel Baldacchino in preparing the statue of the Easter feast when the Youth Section also be part of the brotherhood of the
Most Holy Sacrament, this brotherhood participate in procession of Easter and also in the Solemn Transulation procession.

During time this section created several new activities for youngsters, like the famous Es Paradis Terrenal Afternoon Party inside Pandora Theatre which draw hundreds of youths, consisting of local fame dj's and setup with lights and decorations.  Also this section after endlessly preparations, the biggest event organised by Redfaith Promotions was Le Stelle @ Pandora  that from a dream it came to reality when Malta fans of the Italian television and reality programme Saranno Famosi
and Amici saw and met with 6 Italian stars at Pandora Thetare where together exhibited in their talents, such as dancing and singing. The 6 guest stars were Marianna Scarci, Leonardo Fumarola, Antonio Baldes,  Rita Comisi, Claudia Mannoni and Nicola Gargaglia.

The Gardenig Exhibition is a yearly appointment that people of all ages like to visit inside the Pandora Theatre which is organised by the Youths Section as well.

The youth Section main focus had always been the festa within Zejtun and over years the Section astonished supporters and the general public with workmanship projects that been exhibited as Surprise in the big festive march during the week.

From works of basic commitment, the Youth Section have come for more professional work techniques and mechanical dynamics of the highest level, so after ten years of dedication and work for the feast, from artwork decorated with paper flowers, the Section constructed the enormous decorated Umbrella, 13 meters high by 17 meters wide and three-functioning systems of hydraulic.

The works on which the Youth Section worked require skill, preparation of draft in clay, work forms and molding plaster with glass fiber, with the fullness of years experience. The Section has experts in the field of metal, Iron and technical work which requires technical prepared mind.

The weights must be distributed by great skill and mastery, even more so when hydraulic shaft have to be fitted on the projects.

No wonder that Section is known as the Youth Engineers!

Women Section always give valuable help to the Youth Section when it comes to fabric. Uninterrupted stitching designs, cuts and placing the artistic design.

Projects 1996-2010

1996 - Fjura Mekkanizata tal-karti 
1997 - Logo Tigra u l-Arpa
1998 - Stilla
1999 - Kuruna
2000 - Trofej 
2001 - 3 Umbrellel bil-Pittura/Logo 5 snin Sezzjoni Zghazagh 
2002 - Glorjett tad-drapp 
2003 - Mrewha bis-Sopraporta 
2004 - Fjura Mekkanizata bl-Ingranaggi
2005 - Umbrella l-Kbira
2006 - Glorjett tal-fibreglass
2007 - Bandalora 
2008 - Mrewha Artistika tal-75 Sena 
2009 - Octangolora
2010 - Feast cancelled
2011 - Treangolora

Youth Section Officials

• Joseph Gatt - 1996

• Raymond Agius - 1997

• Edward Busuttil - 1997/2000 

• Rodianne Caruana - 2000/2002

• Kurt Pace - 2006/2008

• Gaynor Micallef - 2008/2012


• Raphael Buttigieg - 1996

• Charles Falzon - 1996

• Elton Zarb - 1997/1998

• Raymond Agius - 2000/2001

• Melvin Seychell - 2001/2003

• Rodianne Caruana - 2003/2004

• Enrico Mifsud - 2004/2006

• Frederick Camilleri - 2006/2009

• Benton Grech - 2009/2010

• Aaron Cachia - 2010/2011

• JeanPierre Abela - 2011/2012

• Shirley Ann Agius - 1996/1998 

• Robert Caruana - 2000/2005 

• Gaynor Micallef - 2005/2008 

• Nathan James - 2008/2012 

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