Band :: Bandmaster's Profile

Band :: Bandmaster's Profile
|13 June 2016
Mro. Onorato Gauci (1930 – 1931)

Between 1930 and 1931 in the early beginning years of the
Zejtun Labour Jazz Band, the first bandmaster that conducted this band was Mro. Onorato Gauci.

It was during an annual general meeting, which was held on the 22nd May 1930 that Salvu Pace suggested that the central committee of that time should elect a bandmaster to conduct and lead the band. Therefore, he proposed Mro. Onorato Gauci to attaine the post as a bandmaster.

Mro. Guzeppi M. Dalli (1931 – 1939)

Mro. Guzeppi M. Dalli was born in 1881 in Benghazi, where his father Vincenzo Dalli was engaged with the English service. Guzeppi M. Dalli was musically educated in Horn and Flugenhorn instruments at the Societa Muzikali Beland. Besides he also served as an assistant bandmaster for the mentioned band.

During the thirties period, there was a parting at the Societa Muzikali Beland and Mro. Guzeppi M. Dalli became the bandmaster of the 
Zejtun Labor Jazz Band.
Infact Guzeppi M. Dalli is the first principal bandmaster for the 
Banda Zejtun, since Zejtun Labour Jazz Band stopped in 1933 and instead Ghaqda Banda Zejtun was founded on the 20th September 1933.
Bandmaster Guzeppi M. Dalli was a renowned composer for funereal marches were beside others, his most famous one is dedicated to his mother A Mia Madre, and it is very well knowed by local people in Zejtun and kept in the Ghaqda Banda Zejtun musical archive.

Beyond other tasks that he composed we find Marcia Sinfonica La Liberta which was executed by the Banda Zejtun on its first Instrumental Musical Concert on the 24th November 1933.

Mro. Guzeppi M. Dalli was proclaimed first Honorary bandmaster of Banda Zejtun and the title of (Bennej tal-Banda Zejtun).
He died on 5 August 1948 in Zejtun.

Mro. Hector H. Dalli A.Mus.LCM (1939 – 1952)

Mro. Hector H. Dalli was born in Zejtun on 18 June 1914, son of Evangelista and Guzeppi M. Dalli first bandmaster of Banda Zejtun.

Hector H. Dalli was an excellent pianist, he used to accompony silent films with piano at Tal-Lacci Theatre. When Ghaqda Banda Zejtun was founded in 1933, he was assigned as assistant bandmaster.
Hector H. Dalli studied under his father’s supervision and then furthered his musical education in harmony and orchestra under the assistance of
Mro. Casapinta.
In 1939, he was graduated in A.Mus.LCM. Furthermore in that same year and also as his first experience he was appointed as bandmaster for the
Banda Zejtun.
Hector H. Dalli alongside with Banda Zejtun made name for musical concerts on the eve of the local feast, and composed festive marches that filled Ghaqda Banda Zejtun supporters with enthusiasm during the big marches on Sunday afternoon more known as il-Marci tal-Pinta

Hector H. Dalli composed numerous festive marches, amongst other we find: Victory, Putatta and others. He as his father is well knowed for
funereal marches.

Hector H. Dalli terminated his work with Banda Zejtun in 1952.

Mro.Hector H. Dalli composed:
Preludio in re minore
Innu San Lawrenz for band, choir, tenor, baritone
Poema Sinfonica Song of Anna.

Mro. Hector H. Dalli died on 1 November 1980.

Mro. Edgar Lowell (1952 – 1976)

Mro. Edgar Lowell was born in Hamrun. At young age he played the clarinet, and for six years he studied under the aid of Giorgio Compagno  Bormla.

In 1925 he joined the Rial Theatre Orchestra as a Clarinist, along that time he played under different musical master directors.
Edgar Lowell was also educated in harmony for three years under Master Guzeppi Stivala and Carmelo Pace. In 1938 he was assigned as assistant bandmaster of the National Band La Valette. At La Valette He was also the bandmaster of students, He remained in this posts till 1976.
Between 1968 and 1970 Edgar Lowell served as agent bandmaster for the National Band.
In 1952 Edgar Lowell was appointed bandmaster for Banda Zejtun, where he composed numerous funereal marches and also festive marches. Besides this he brought huge interest for opera music that dominated through the musical concerts held on Zejtun local feast eve.
Edgar Lowell terminated his post as bandmaster with Banda Zejtun in 1976.

Between 1958 and 1970 Edgar Lowell was the bandmaster of
La Stella Band in Gozo.

Mro. Edgar Lowell died on 11 February 1991.

Mro. Paul Buttigieg A.Mus.LCM (1976 – 1978)

Mro. Paul Buttigieg was born on 12 October 1935 in Birgu.
He started his musical career with Maria Mater Gratie Band in Zabbar under the tutition of William James Worley.

He started palying clarinet the first time for the Incoronation of
Our Lady of Graces in Zabbar.
Later in 1963 Paul Buttigieg has been given the post of assistant bandmaster with the same band.
With great interest he continued to study music under his tutor William James Worley and then he continued in harmony and practice of clarinet under master Joseph Abela Scolaro F.L.C.M.
In 1968 he achieved the diploma in Clarinet A.L.C.M. and continued studies in advanced harmony under the tutition of
Carmelo Pace F.L.C.M.

Paul Buttigieg directed Banda Maria Annunzjata Tarxien in 1975. 

Ghaqda Banda Zejtun assigned Mro. Paul Buttigieg to lead the 
Banda Zejtun in 1976, post that he kept till 1978.

Mro. Paul Buttigieg composed:
Marcia sinfonica Musica Est Vita
Innu Marc Santa Katarina V.M. with G. Camilleri verses
Marcia sinfonica La Speranza
Prelidio in fa maggiore
Marcia sinfonica Aria Di Festa
Sosatina in si b Maggiore
Sinfonija is-70 Anniversarju tal-Banda Zejtun

Mro. Joseph M. Barbara (1978 – 1984)

Joseph M. Barbara was born in Marsaxlokk on 13 April 1916. At the age of two years his family moved to Zejtun. He started his studies and musical career as student and bandsman with the Beland Band.

Joseph M. Barbara began studying music theory under the tuition of bandmaster Jimmy Worley and harmony together with counterpoint under bandmaster Vincenzo Costa.
In 1945 Joseph M. Barbara had been assigned as bandmaster for
Banda sta. Marija Ghaxaq, He was also bandmaster with
Banda Trinita Qaddisa Marsa in 1956. Later in 1960 he joined
Banda San Guzepp Ghaxaq.
In 1978 Mro. Joseph M. Barbara attained the post of bandmaster with
Banda Zejtun, where he composed numerous festive marches of great popolarity such as Daniela which is still one of the favourites among the 
Ghaqda Banda Zejtun supporters. In the six years that he passed with
Banda Zejtun, Joseph M. Barbara created a big enthusiasm with his popular festive marches for the Sunday march, which during that time had been transferred from Sunday afternoon to Sunday morning.

He also composed a wonderful hymn dedicated to
St .Catherine V.M which verses were written by Trevor Zahra. This hymn was given as gift from him to Ghaqda Banda Zejtun.

In 1984 Mro. Joseph M. Barbara finished his work with Banda Zejtun.

Mro. Joseph M. Barbara composed:
Innu S.sma Trinita Qaddisa for band, choir, tenor and base
Fantasia in mi b minore for clarinet
Overtures Odette

Madame D’Honuer
Sinfonia El-Dorado

Mro. Joseph M. Barbara died on 9 June 2004 at the age of 88 year’s old.

Mro. John J. Pace (1984-2006)

Mro. John J. Pace was born on 13 June 1945. When he was eleven years old he commenced his musical carreer with Maria Mater Gratie Band Zabbar. He furthered his education in harmony and horn instrument under the assistance of Mro. Carmelo Caruana.

Mro. John J. Pace conducted as bandmaster:
Banda Santa Marija - Ghaxaq (22 years)
Banda Marija Annunzjata - Tarxien (10 years)
Prince of Wales - Birgu ( 10 years)
Banda San Guzepp - Kalkara (16 years)
Banda Stella Maris - Sliema (12 years) 
Banda Zejtun - Zejtun (22 years)
He was also appointed to lead the National Band between 1984 to 1992.

At the end of summer 1984 Ghaqda Banda Zejtun assigned
Mro. John J. Pace as bandmaster to lead it’s band.
Beyond several tasks, he also accomplished the hymn of the 
Banda Zejtun which was played for the first time in 1985 during the inauguration celebration of the Artistic Bandstand.

Mro. John J. Pace composed:
Sinfonija B’ Sahhet il-Haddiem (1985)
Sinfonija 25 sena President for Mr. Joe Attard, President of 
Ghaqda Banda zejtun (2003)
Talba lil Sta. Katarina V.M. with medium soprano and choir of four voices during the vocal and intrumental program in occasion of 1700 years from the martydom of St. Catherine V.M. that was held in
Zejtun Parish Church.

Mro. John J. Pace finished his work with Ghaqda Banda Zejtun in 2006 after 22 years of service. 

Ghaqda Banda Zejtun homaged Mro. John J. Pace for his loyalty and long service by honouring him the title of Honorary bandmaster and became the second Honorary bandmaster of Banda Zejtun .

Mro. Raymond Zammit F.L.C.M (2006-2009)

Mro. Raymond Zammit was born on 16 March 1962 in Attard.
Raymond Zammit started his musical lessons in clarinet at the age of seven year's old under the tutition of Ch. Monreale at the
Duke of Connaught Band B'Kara.
He furthered his studies with Alfred Mizzi where he accomplished the A.L.C.M., L.V.C.M. and F.V.C.M (Hons) in Clarinet.
Raymond Zammit studied harmony and counterpoint with R. Debattista, where he obtained the A.Mus.L.C.M and L.Mus.LCM.. He studied musical composition with P.Grech and R.Sciberras where he obtained the
F.L.C.M of musical composition.

Mro. Raymond Zammit composed two oratorios:
Gregorius Magnus
il-Mara li laqtitna lkoll

Mro. Raymond Zammit composed:
Messa di Gloria in G major
Intermezzo for trumpet
Romanza for Clarinet
Overture Excelsior suite five pieces for band
Il-Lejl it-tajjeb (fanatasy for piano)
Quarter for strings
Agnus Dei

He also composed numerous festive marches and funereal marches, and beside others the musical drama Il-Golgota
Mro.Raymond Zammit attained the post of bandmaster with Banda Zejtun on July 2006.
Mro.Raymond Zammit plays in musicals, orchestras and even jazz. He is a member of the Armed Forces of Malta, married with Rita nee Debono and has two children Petra renowned singer and James.
Raymond has fishing and footbal as his best hobbies where he supports Birkirkara team as local football club and Liverpool F.C. as foreign football club.

Mro. Raymond Zammit terminated the post of bandmaster with Zejtun Band in 2006.

Mro. Carmelo Mangion L.Mus.LCM

Mro. Carmelo Mangion was born on 20 July 1976, son of Anthony and Andreana Mangion. Carmelo Mangion started learning music with
Banda Zejtun on January 1985 and he started as bandsman playing clarinet in 1987 for the Good Friday procession. Carmelo Mangion studied music theory under Mro. John J. Pace and his musical practice under the tuition of Sonia Sinagra.

Carmelo Mangion showed his interest in starting practicing on the Euphonium as well, and he performed with this instrument for the first time when John J. Pace formed Banda Zejtun Zghazagh Kuncertisti in 1993 where this band gave an excellent performance at Robert sammut Hall in Floriana. Carmelo Mangion continued experimenting on brass instruments when he started practicing on the trombone.

In 2002 Carmelo Mangion started studying music theory with
Raymond Sciberras, Then he furthered his studies with
Mro. Raymond Zammit where he achieved the A.Mus.LCM.

After 23 years of service alongside Banda Zejtun, in 2009
Ghaqda Banda Zejtun assigned him the post as bandmaster.
Post that Mro. Carmelo Mangion accepted with great interest.

Mro. Carmelo Mangion composed:
Innu Popolari - Insellmulek Katarina
Innu Marc - Lis-Sezzjoni Zghazagh Ghaqda Banda Zejtun
Fantasia - Journey into the Unknown
Musical Synopsis - Our Bandstand
Song - Dejjem 'l Quddiem
Waltz - 15th Anniversary
Fantasia - Flying The Oriental Skies
Preghiera - Lil Santa Katarina
Fantasia - Festiva
Waltz - Katarina Waltz
Marcia - 80th Anniversary March
Overture - To My 5th Anniversary As Bandmaster
Marcia - Katarina 2014
Musical Synopsis - Our Theatre

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