|23 August 2015
Sunday 21-06-2015/St. Catherine V.M. procession

The fulcrum of the feast comes when the procession of St. Catherine V.M statue starts when it appears at the parish church door.

The Queen Victoria Band conducted by Mro. Alfred Farrugia L.Mus.L.C.M executed band marches and the tarditional hymn Insellmulek Katarina at the beginning of the procession and after executed a wonderful musical programme upon the Ghaqda Banda Zejtun artistic bandstand. The Queen Victoria Band musical programme included:

• Eastney - Sol Fenne

• The Da Vinci Code - Arr. Frank Bernaerts

• La Vita e Bella - Nicola Piovani

• The Skater Waltz - E. Waldteufel

• Libertango - Astor Piazzolla

• Olympic Fanfare and Theme - Leo Arnaud / John Williams

• Con Te Partiro - E. Sartori / L.Quarantto

• Barcelona - Freddie Mercury

• Light Cavalry (Overture) - Frans Von Suppe

The Queen Victoria Band closed with Insellmulek Katarina hymn as the statue of St. Catherine V.M. arrived infront of Zejtun Band Club. Also for this event another fireworks show from upon the Zejtun Band Club roof entartained the people gathered at Girgor Bonici square for this undimentacable moment. From their on the statue of St. Catherine V.M. proceeded towards the parish church for its re entry.

Sunday 21-06-2015/Morning Band March

The Sunday morning band march as always remained the most awaited march by the Tigristi. This year the expactations for this band march were greater beacuse the supporters were eager to have fun after the great celebrations of the 2014 feast.

The Sunday morning band march was characterised by surprizes created by individuals on their own that brought a smile on everybody that was present and watching this band march. All started at 9:30am and at about 12:30am Banda Zejtun arrived at Girgor Bonici Square, where a musical synchronisation show of confetti was given by the Youth Section.

This band march with the participation of the Zejtun Band Club Mascot Tigrettu that appeared in the balcony too for the joy of the children supporters of Ghaqda Banda Zejtun.

View Album: (Sunday Morning Band March)

Saturday 20-06-2015/Feast Eve Musical Programme

On the feast eve Banda Zejtun started the traditional band 
march from Carlo Diacono square towards Girgor Bonici square.

Mr. Etienne Schembri together with Ms. Christine Dalli compered this event and Banda Zejtun executed a wonderful musical programme upon the magnificent bandstand accomponied by stupendous voices of soprano Karen Camilleri and baritone Ivan Vella.

Banda Zejtun conducted by Mro. Carmelo Mangion L.Mus.L.C.M. executed ten wonderful musical pieces: 

• Insellmulek Katarina - C. Mangion 

• To My 5th Year Anniversary as Bandmaster - Carmelo Mangion

• 22 ta' Novembru 1930 - Onorato Gauci

• il-Korla Ta' Massiminu - Raymond Zammit

• Celebrations for Band - Antoine Mercieca

• Charles Chaplin - Arr. Marcel Peeters

• My Way - Arr. Anthony Chircop

• Swing in The Mood - Arr. Michael Sweeney

• Lil Santa Katarina - Carmelo Mangion

• Lill- Banda Zejtun - J. J. Pace

View Album: (Feast Eve Musical Programme)

Thursday 18-06-2015/Grand Band March

The 2015 grand band march was much awaited by the Ghaqda Banda Zejtun supporters.

Ghaqda Banda Zejtun kept its grand band march a wonderful one for all the supporters and the general public. Undoubtly everyone saw how Girgor Bonici square was filled with a mass of people to watch this incredible band march. The Tigristi gathered and started to make their renowed festive atmosphere. The Central Committee with all the sub-committes were coordinated and prepared for this band march.  
Banda Zejtun as prepared accordingly by the Band Commission started playing band marches infront of Zejtun Band Club where everyone could admire the wonderful decorations that were setup by the Pandora Commission including flags, balloons, and other decorations. 

As Banda Zejtun arrived at Carlo Diacono square the general crowd was already there waiting the mechanical ground fireworks show. The fireworks show was all prepared by the Kummissjoni Piroteknika Sta. Katarina V.M. Ghaqda Banda Zejtun. After the mechanical ground fireworks show Banda Zejtun lead the supporters to Girgor Bonici square more known as the main square of Zejtun were as announced earlier more surprizes where going to take place.

Once again in Girgor Bonici square for the grand band march end,
 The surprises were not finished yet. The gran final was still coming. The Kummissjoni Piroteknika Sta. Katarina V.M. Ghaqda Banda Zejtun prepared a stupendous pyro musical show to end this fantastic celebration. A 15 minutes of non stop fire accomponied by 3 differnt and rythmic songs brought the crowd in a non stop jumping and merriment atmosphere that everybody will remember for a long time.

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Wednesday 17-06-2015/First Triduum Band March

After the official opening of the 2015 feast on Sunday 14 by Banda Zejtun on the out of niche bandmarch, Ghaqda Banda Zejtun started the feast triduum with its first band march. 

The first triduum band march once again was accompanied by Banda San Mikiel which started to play band marches infront of Zejun Band Club and continued towards the southern part of Zejtun.

Once back at Girgor Bonici square a fantastic fireworks show marvelled all those who were assisting at this first triduum bandmarch. 

View Album: (Wednesday Band March)

Monday 15-06-2015/Kids Festa Party

The first day of our parish feast was dedicated to the youngsupporters of Zejtun Band. The Youths Section together with the helpers createdwonderful activities for the kids who attended the party. The cartooncharacters Minnie Mouse and Tigrettu (Tiger) the mascot of our club alsoparticipated. The activities held during this party varied from folkloristicgames to games related to the village feast.

Sunday 14-06-2015/Out of Niche Band March

Ghaqda Banda Zejtun officially opened the festa week in honour of St. Catherine V.M. patron saint of Zejtun. Banda Zejtun started playing band marches infront of Zejtun Band Club and continued to play in the major streets around Zejtun. After Banda Zejtun started palying bandmarches infront of Zejtun parish church were together with the local people that gathered to listen these beautiful band marches merried the out of niche ceremony.